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Promoting your brand online can be challenging. Identifying your target audience is just the beginning, and persuading them that your product outshines the rest is another task altogether.

Transforming online visitors into loyal customers requires a unique skill set, and our team of digital marketing professionals excels in this domain. Our track record of success speaks volumes about the superior quality of our services.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the key to rectifying over 80% of unsuccessful online marketing attempts. Enhancing your visibility on search engines is a challenging task, particularly if you’re operating in a highly competitive market. You require the services of a digital marketing firm to increase web traffic and expedite conversions.

Investing in SEO is a long-term commitment that requires a certain level of proficiency. At Bold Rose Solutions, our SEO specialists adhere to a tried-and-true process that yields results. This includes conducting a comprehensive audit of your webpage, devising an SEO strategy, researching keywords, optimizing both on-page and off-page SEO, and generating unique SEO-friendly content for your website. This entire process demands time, dedication, and a specific set of skills that few companies possess.

What We Do

Content  Marketing

Content marketing, in essence, is about delivering value to your audience. This vital information aids in establishing your brand’s authority and cultivating a devoted customer base.

The content on your website and marketing materials is the medium through which your customers get to know you and your business. The ability to narrate your story at your own pace is of utmost importance.

Creating significant content and sharing it on relevant websites can be a lengthy process. Why squander your precious time when our content marketers can craft and disseminate the content on your behalf? Make a wise investment; opt for Bold Rose Solutions!

What We Do

Social Media Marketing

For a brand to thrive, it’s essential to maintain an active presence on social media, or you risk ceding your business to competitors who are regularly engaging on these platforms.

Social media forms a significant part of digital marketing as it facilitates direct interaction between your business and the end consumer.

At Bold Rose Solutions, our social media specialists design powerful digital campaigns that market your product or service, enhancing your brand’s visibility. The ultimate objective is, of course, to generate leads and convert them into sales.

What We Do

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective method to deliver customised content to your current and prospective customers. Regular reminders about your product or service can boost your leads and enhance your conversion rate. Notably, Email Marketing boasts the highest ROI among all marketing strategies.

Our services include email marketing that encompasses the creation of an email campaign and target strategy, crafting compelling email content, and ultimately, executing various email campaigns.

Whether you’re already aware of the potency of emails or are uncertain about venturing into email marketing, rest assured, our email marketing specialists are here to address your queries.

What We Do

Pay-per-click (PPC)

PPC is a reliable method to generate more leads and has been demonstrated to be more efficient than conventional marketing techniques. The ROI aspect is vital in PPC as it directly impacts your expenditure.

Our PPC specialists identify the precise keywords for your website, devise copywriting campaigns, and monitor your ad performance. We assist you in increasing your business revenue in a relatively short period.

If your goal is to promote your services and spread the word swiftly, then PPC is the ideal option for you.

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Here is a complete list of our marketing services



Social Media

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

In-Depth Website Analysis 

Keyword Research 

Profile/page Optimization 

Initial Backlinks analysis 

Audience Analysis 

Company Page Creation 

Competition Analysis 

Competitor Analysis 

Creative Images/banners 

Keyword Research

Geo Targeting Setup

Regular posting 

On-Site Optimization

Ad Design (Images/Description)


Internal Link Structuring & Optimization 

Campaign Setup

Group Creation/Groups Join 

Existing Content Optimization 

Bid Adjustment 

Audience Analysis 

Set Up Google Analytics 

Ad Scheduling Setup 

Increase Profile Followers/Likes

Set Up Google Search Console

Ad Copy Optimization 

Call to Action Button 

Sitemap Submission

Keyword Bid Optimization

Lists Creation 

Setup Google Webmaster Tools 

ROI Analysis 

#hashtag Trend Research 

Fresh Web Content Suggestions 

Landing Page Optimization 

Profile Build up 

Test Your Website Schema 

Remarketing Setup 

Ad Campaign Set Up

Meta Tags (Title, Description, keywords) 

Conversion Tracking 

Ad Campaign Graphics

Image Optimization 

Campaign Optimization 

Copywriting for Ad Campaign

Google My Business Page 

A/B Testing 

Campaign Optimization 

Offsite Link Building

Monthly Reporting 

A/B Testing 

Visitor Tracking & Reporting

Insight Analysis 

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

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Digital marketing is an evergreen investment. If you as a business owner know the value of marketing then going digital should be your first priority.

A digital marketing agency saves your time and money by allocating an intelligent budget system to marketing. They make sure that while you focus on your business operations, they handle all your digital marketing efforts A-Z.

At Strategia Solutions, we prefer quality over quantity. We are transparent in every service we provide. Our rich portfolio and a long list of satisfied clients are a living proof of our marketing abilities.

The average cost of a digital marketing service varies on a number of factors. For example, which service do you want, the time duration, team size required, and other crucial factors. You can call us at (301) 765-4854 to get a free quote.

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