On behalf of the board of directors of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (CACCI), I would like to express our deepest appreciation to you and your team for the work that you have completed on our CACCI website – www.caribbeantradecenter.com. The feedback that we have received thus far from board members, others members as well as prospective members and from my own observations, we have all agreed that our website is not only attractive but it also captures our vision, mission and business services that we provide for CACCI members and the wider small business community. When we reflect on our record of over 30 years of continuous services with limited resources, but also with strong partnerships, we are amazed at how well you and your team have been able to capture on our website CACCI’s historical accomplishments, relationships, and the City, State and Federal partnerships which have enabled us to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive economy. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness and professional services to CACCI.